Officers and Chairs

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President, Wanda Hensley

Vice President/President- Elect,  Glenna Taite

First Vice President/Building and Grounds Chair,  Holly Hall

      Building and Grounds Co-Chair,  Linda Turner

Second Vice President/Social Chair,  Susan Williams

Third Vice President/ Membership & Memorial,  Robyn Carafiol

Fourth Vice President/Economic Development Chair,  Venise Stuart

Recording Secretary,  Cathy Roach-Reeves

Corresponding Secretary,  Sally Molinari

Treasurer/Finance Chair,  Mary Kay Eastep

Parliamentarian,  Sheila Rice


Elected Standing Committees

Community Outreach Chair,  Janis Jelnick

Education, Library and History Chair,  Sheryl Row

Yearbook Chair,  Katherine Rodriguez

Publicity Chair,  Susan Morrow

Revisions (Bylaws) Chair,  Sally Molinari

Communications Chair,  Laura Davis

Nominating Committee Chair,  Linda Turner

Appointed Standing Committees

Holiday Home Tour, Cathy Roach-Reeves



Art Department Chair,  Sharon Harrison

Culinary Department Chair, Janis Jelnick

Literary Department Chair,  TBD

Music Department Chair,  Mitta Angell

DWF Linked Chair,  Meredith Moore