The President’s Message

Dear Forum Members:

Linda TurnerAs we begin our 110th year, The Dallas Woman’s Forum continues to grow and prosper. We continue to serve our community and to make binding friendships. As we move forward it is important to remember the achievements and sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

The Dallas Woman’s Forum is the oldest departmentalized women’s group in the State of Texas. We celebrate the courageous strides our members have taken over the years. In their inaugural year, the woman of the Forum voiced their desire to protect the health of their families by setting the standard for the first Pure Food Law in Dallas. Members have volunteered endlessly to end hunger and assist teenage mothers and children who live in low income homes. We owe our success to the Women who have gone before us, leaving such big shoes to fill.

We will work together this year in our mission of Empowering Women and Children through Education and Advocacy. Our primary charities The Birdie Alexander Elementary School, The Landauer ChildCareGroup Center, Alley’s House, and the music education program at Booker T. Washington High School all hold a place dear to our hearts. By providing school supplies, books, diapers or simply a place to hold a recital or an Easter egg hunt, The Dallas Woman’s Forum leaves its mark on the lives of those in our community.

Our beautiful home, The Alexander Mansion is over a century old and in immediate and continuing need of repair. Through the hard work of our members we are slowly making some progress, but much more is needed.

As we begin our year it is my hope that there is harmony in our membership along with fun and laughter in our home.

This year is dedicated to serving our members and expanding our membership; may we continue to grow and be involved in Forum activities. Each member’s dedication to our goals will ensure a successful year.

Linda Turner
President 2015-2017